Calvary Baptist School, a ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, is a private school offering a challenging educational program in a nurturing Christian environment for families who are looking for what we have to offer.

The purpose of CBS is to develop godliness of character and action in the lives of our students. We desire to be an extension of  Christian homes and to reinforce the Biblical values taught at church and home.

Our students are expected to demonstrate self-discipline, high morals, good habits, respect for students and staff, responsibility, and a love of God and country. One of our main goals is to help our students meet their potential for Jesus Christ is every area. 

The Bible, while not being the only textbook, will be taught and its principles will be the foundation for all other learning. We also provide an outstanding education in the core subject areas (math, science, English, history, and computers), along with a wide variety of electives.