Calvary Baptist Athletics exists to glorify God through the transformation of student-athletes becoming more like Jesus Christ in their character.

Why Athletics?

  • Athletics provides opportunities for students to exercise God-given abilities
  • Athletics allows for authentic relationships to grow.
  • Athletics is fun and memorable for everyone.
  • Athletics delivers an overall school experience because it produces and promotes a unifying school spirit.
  • Athletics reveals character in Christian athletes. Athletics naturally places Christian athletes in positions in which they can learn and grow spiritually. In turn, Christian Athletes can apply their current circumstances to life lessons that will influence them in their future.
  • Athletics gives our student athletes the privilege of interacting with Christians as well as with those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. This platform of athletics gives us a stage in where Christ can become visible to everyone.

Seasonal sports practice and game schedules are subject to change, and you may contact the athletic director for a current sports schedule. The athletic director will be in contact with the parents of players about schedule changes.

Please note that all students participating in sports must have a sports physical completed. The forms can be found below.

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Necessary Forms

Athletic Handbook
Concussion Protocol
PIAA Physical Form

    Fall Sports

    Middle School Girls Volleyball

    Varsity Girls Volleyball

    Middle School Boys Soccer

    Varsity Boys Soccer

    Cross Country

    Winter Sports

    Middle School Girls Basketball

    Middle School Boys Basketball

    Varsity Girls Basketball

    Varsity Boys Basketball


    Spring Sports

    Middle School Girls Soccer

    Varsity Girls Soccer

    Varsity Boys Volleyball

    What We Value


    Athletics displays a unique experience unlike any other extracurricular activity. We value character building at Calvary Baptist School. Our response to competition will reveal our character allowing opportunity for continued growth. Competition brings out the best and worst of us as humans. Here at Calvary, competition is another way we can encourage our student athletes to be more like Jesus Christ.


    Calvary Baptist Athletics values commitment. The first step to growing a program and growing in a program is saying yes. When we say yes, we are saying, “I am committed to this program”. Our coaches expect athletes at every practice and every game. Calvary Baptist Athletics does not want to simply exist. We want to make a statement that we are committed to giving our best performance every day and growing a program that competes for championships.


    At Calvary Baptist School, we are committed to 3 parts of our student athletes.
    • The Person – Athletics is a tool to grow the person. Athletics does not take top priority over the person. Therefore, Calvary Baptist School and our coaching staff are committed to using sports as a way to grow each student athlete in their own personal lives.
    • The Student – Athletics is secondary to academics. At Calvary Baptist School, we hold our student athletes to high standards of eligibility. Therefore, if a student athlete has an F or below a C average, they will be considered ineligible to participate in athletics for 3 weeks. We will be checking each athlete’s eligibility status periodically.
    • The Athlete – Athletics is a gift from God. Therefore, we want our athletes to excel in the realm of competition and to reach their full potential on the field/court. Our coaches are committed to developing each athlete in their particular gift and role on the team.


    Calvary Baptist Athletics loves our competitors. We encourage our athletes to only talk positively about our competitors. We respect them, congratulate them, help them up, give them credit, and we give them our best effort. We strive to view our competitors as Christ views them. In competition, rivalries are exposed between schools and between individuals. However, our coaches are committed to responding in love to our opponents no matter their response to us.


    Calvary Baptist Athletics is interested in hiring coaches who first love Jesus with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. Secondly, we value coaches who have experience and are willing to learn more about coaching. Thirdly, we desire coaches who are dedicated to encouraging our athletes to take their next step of faith in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Fourthly, we hire coaches who are honest and caring about our student’s academic performance. Lastly, we expect our coaches to do everything they can to improve each player’s ability in their specific sport. We expect our athletes to reach their potential by the time they graduate from our programs.


    The Future of Warriors Athletics

    • Hire Coaches who are committed to the mission and values of our programs.
    • Build our athletic programs and continually update equipment for each sport.
    • Develop our off-season programs and opportunities for student-athletes.
    • Create opportunities for our athletes to serve in the community and help others who are in need.


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    Calvary Baptist School is a private school offering a challenging educational program in a nurturing Christian environment. The purpose of CBS is to develop godliness of character and action in the lives of our students. We desire to be an extension of Christian homes and to reinforce the Biblical values taught at church and home. Calvary Baptist School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.