Calvary Baptist School is a private school offering a challenging educational program in a nurturing Christian environment for families who desire to see their children mature academically and spiritually. The purpose of CBS is to develop godliness of character and action in the lives of our students. We desire to reinforce the Biblical values taught at church and in the home. Our students are expected to demonstrate self-discipline, high morals, good habits, respect for students and staff, responsibility, and a love of God and country. We seek to help our students meet their potential for Jesus Christ in every area.

The elementary program is designed to help students excel in all subject areas. The Bible is taught, and its principles are the foundation for all other learning. The core elements of the curriculum include mathematics, grammar, spelling, science, history, geography, penmanship, and reading which focuses on mastering phonics.

Curriculum Overview

Bible – Positive Action
Mathematics – Saxon K5-3rd. Sadlier 4th-6th
Handwriting – A Beka Book K-4th
Spelling – A Beka Book & BJU Press
Reading – BJU Press
Phonics – A Beka Book 1st & 2nd
Language – A Beka Book K5-3rd, BJU Press 5th & 6th
Grammar – Sadlier 4th – 6th 
Heritage Studies/History – BJU Press
Science – BJU Press

Chromebooks (5th and 6th Grade)

Calvary Baptist School is launching an exciting new learning opportunity for our fifth and sixth grade students. Each student will be issued a Chromebook for his/her exclusive school use through the school year. We will be able to engage students in retrieving, manipulating, interpreting and applying information and data available through a wide variety of media. As a result, we hope to enhance our learning environments by further enriching critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. 

A Chromebook is a small, lightweight, personal computer running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional applications that reside on the machine itself.

 In order to access Chrome, each student will be given and cbschools.org email address and password. As a protection precaution, students will only be able to send and receive emails from people with the same email extension i.e. other staff and students with the same cbschools.org email addresses. 

The cbschools.org email address will also enable students to take full advantage of Google Apps for Education, a select bunch of apps chosen to complement our curriculum. Students can log into Google Chrome from any computer at home to have full access to their work stored in Google Drive.

Chromebook usage and internet safety is very important to us. The following resources may be helpful to parents on this subject. 

Chapel– Meets once a week for a 30 minute period

Weekly Specials– Meet one period each week and include Physical Education, Library, Music, Art, Computers, Reading Lab, Korean, French, and STEM

Extras: Elementary Band available for 5th & 6th grade. Private music lessons available for 1st-6th.

Special Events: Grandparents’ Day, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Field Day, field trips, Fun Friday crafts, themed and school spirit days, etc.


Calvary Baptist School inspires students to discover their purpose and to engage their hearts, heads, and hands in service to Christ both locally and globally.