Continuous Enrollment

Never fill out a re-enrollment form again!

Continuous Enrollment is brand new for CBS! We are continually looking for ways to streamline processes for our BUSY families. This new process will simplify re-enrollment for everyone.

With Continuous Enrollment, all students are automatically re-enrolled.

We will still notify families each February of the upcoming school year’s tuition rates and policies.  At that time, you can opt-out of your child(ren)’s re-enrollment by notifying the school office and completing the opt-out form by May 10.

After May 10, your bill will be automatically charged a non-refundable re-enrollment fee of $75 per child. *re-enrollment fees differ for international students.

As always, we want to continue to keep the communication lines open, so please let me know of any questions.

Lesli Nichols

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Does this apply to Foundations Christian Preschool?

No. FCP re-enrollment will continue as it has in the past with parents filling out re-enrollment forms.

What if I don’t know my plans for next year by May 10?

If your plans are still uncertain, then you can always opt-out for the year and re-enroll when your plans are determined.

Do I still need to fill out other forms each year?

Yes. Emergency forms and Childcare Option forms must be updated each year.

You will NOT need to update transportation forms unless your address or bus request changes.

Can I request a teacher still?

Yes, you can request a teacher still. However, classes will not officially be determined until the summer.

How do new families start continuous enrollment?

New families must fill out the new student enrollment packet and application, and continuous enrollment will begin the following year.

If I am enrolling a new sibling of a current student, how do I enroll them?

Any new students must fill out the new student enrollment packet and application.

Will I be refunded if my plans change after we are automatically re-enrolled?

No. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Do I need to re-apply for financial aid each year?

Yes. Financial Aid must be re-applied for each year.

What if I want to change my tuition payment plan?

You must contact the finance office if you want to update your tuition plan. Email Otherwise, tuition payment plans will stay the same as the previous year.

What if I am behind in my account?

If your account is not current, and you do not opt-out for the next year, your continuous re-enrollment will be put on hold until the account is current and enrollment fees are paid.

Downloads & Forms

Withdrawal/ Opt-Out form
Continuous Enrollment Details- International Students
Continuous Enrollment Details


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